John-Henry Pezzuto

inch by inch

Redefining the Vocabulary of Everyday Life

If words can change our thoughts, and thoughts can change our feelings. Then we should pick our words carefully

Quitting Facebook - A Behavioral Approach

How to Make Facebook So Boring You Won’t Want to Use It

Steve Levitt’s Graduate School Advice

Becoming a data scientist is the single best path for success

How to Block Child Comments on Reddit

In the spirit of digital minimalism, I found that by blocking the child comments on reddit, I find myself scrolling less. The way I did this was by right clicking uBlock Origin, clicking options, and then the my filters tab. I added the following line of code: This line stops the the “Show Child Comments” button from showing up. Note: I do this in addition using having my RES automatically hide all child comments.

Part 1 - A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Eating (Creating a Shopping List)

A healthy eating guide from someone who does not know anything about food